Saturday 12 December 2009

Caramel necklace and earrings

I enjoyed making the purple haze necklace so much I needed to make another one and I chose caramel mix form GJBeads.

The necklace has matching earrings.

Materials used:
Matsuno seed beads #11
artificial pearls 4mm
box clasp silver plated
nylon thread

It will be on sale in my Etsy shop soon.

Monday 23 November 2009

Purple haze necklace

I wanted to create a necklace like this for a long-long time. Finaly I made it. It took me about 10 hours to complete the piece.

I've enjoied making it so much I bought another bead mix in brown and toffee shades.

Materials used:
Matsuno seed beads #11
artificial pearls 4mm
box clasp
nylon thread

Monday 16 November 2009

A visit to Hobbycraft

I dream about going into "Hobbycraft" shop with unlimited budget and spending there as much time as I like without someone rushing me. Unlimited budget for me is about £300 I think.

I visited this shop last weekend and bought a little kit to make some decorations for our christmas tree. It said on the box one could make 6 icicles but I've discovered I can make 8! What a bargain!!!

Thursday 5 November 2009


This is a product of the inspiration I had yesterday.

Last August on holiday in St Ives I bought some bits and bobs to make jewelry. There is a lovely shop there on the harbour called GJ beads. I always go in there when I visit St Ives.

silver plated findings,
glass beads

Wednesday 4 November 2009


I found the pattern here. This symbol immediately attracted my attention and I decided to have a go at it.

It turned out 2 inches long (5cm). 8 beads base. #11 Matsuno seed beads.

How I am thinking what to do with it. Any ideas?

Friday 30 October 2009


This is nothing special at all. You see, I have too much beads of this colour and I like to make these cords.

For this lariat I've put on the thread 9 meters of beads. I've never thought it will be this long. I think it took me only 3 hours to do it LOL.

Finished piece is 175cm long, including tassels.

The cord base has 6 beads. Size #9 - Matsuno glass beads

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Small necklace

I've bought these large beads two years ago. Only today I decided on the design.

I used memory wire, fancy washers and glass cubes.

Monday 12 October 2009

Something stripey

1g, 3w, 1g, 3w,
1g, 3w, 1g, 2w, 3b, 2w,
1g, 3w, 1g, 3w,
1g, 3w, 1g, 3b.

g - golden, w - white, b - black. 8 beads in a row.

Saturday 10 October 2009

Black and red spiral

This type of spiral is very different to crocheted cords. It is made more traditional way, with needle. They are called "Minerva spirals".

Here is my weak attempt to create more intricate design.

Used seed beads size 11 and 9, triangle beads and daggers, silver plated findings.

Monday 5 October 2009


Once I attended a free taster course on jewelry making. We were told always make a draft chart of what we are doing in case we drop the item we are making and lose all the beads all over the floor.

This was my week attempt to create my own draft.
To be honest I've made one earring, draw a chart of it and then made another one.

The metal parts of these earrings are made of gun metal. We were told that now all metal findings are made out of metal that does not cause allergy.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Squares - diamonds

Row 1: 9b
Row 2: 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b
Row 3: 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b
Row 4: 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b
Row 5: 4w

Here rows are not exactly equal to 8 beads, it is just to simplify the threading process. I could right the pattern this way, if it makes your life easier:

9b, 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b, 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b, 4w, 1b, 3g, 1b, 4w

b - black, w - white, g - golden. 8 beads in a row

Friday 2 October 2009

Polymer clay necklace and earrings

My very good friend Zu gave me some of her magic beads for my birthday. Purple is my favourite colour.

One sunny Saturday I was sitting in my garden and the idea of creating this kind of necklace came to me. I ran into the house to get my tool box and this is what I've created. I like it very much!

Thursday 1 October 2009


Row 1: 8r
Row 2: 2g, 2r, 2g, 2r
Row 3: 1r, 1g, 3r, 1g, 2r
Row 4: 1r, 1g, 3r, 1g, 2r
Row 5: 1r, 1g, 3r, 1g, 2r
Row 6: 1r, 2g, 2r, 2g, 1r

r - red, g - gold
8 beads in a row

With a bit of magic I managed to finish the cord as a choker necklace.

100 gram necklace

I could not stop myself making this necklace. Only when the whole 100 gram packet was over I thought "I must stop now!"

The length of this necklace is 46" or 117 cm, 6 beads in a row, size #8.

This is another long one, only 37" (95 cm) long

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Greek spiral

Row 1: 1r, 1g, 1r, 5w
Row 2: 1r, 1g, 1r, 1w, 3r, 1w
Row 3: 1r, 1g, 3r, 1g, 1r, 1w
Row 4: 1r, 5g, 1r, 1w
Row 5: 1r, 1g, 5r, 1w

r - red, g - gold, w - white
8 beads in a row

For the cord 42cm long I have to thread 3,5 meters of beads. Oh, almost forgot, beads are size  #8.

Here is the final result. It is waiting to be assembled into a choker.

A little bead stash

Here is a glimps of my bead stash. I decided it will be enough to have five colours of beads, 500 grams each. When I received my order I was surprized to find out I've ordered four colours, but dark berry colour was ordered twice. So I have one kilo o f dark berry beads! Well, it will have to do.

The little packet with "bead soup" was a present from the shop.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

My new obsession

Recently I've discovered how to make stunning necklaces using crochet hook. Immediately I bought some seed beads and started to crochet.

Have you ever touched a snake in a zoo (for example)? These necklaces fill just like that. Or like a nice bag or shoes made of snake or crocodile skin. It feels lovely.

You can bend them, tie them in a knot. They look just fab! I love them.

Depending on how many beads are in a row the flexibility of the cord varies. The most flexible are those made on 5 or 6 beads.

Here in the pic I made some samples on 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 beads in a row.

Wellcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone!

I've decided to create separate blog for my jewelry making hobby. Here I am going to post about my projects, some notes and patterns, maybe master-classes. Well, stuff like that.